September Rule Your Nation Awards

September Rule Your Nation Awards

Hello and welcome to September’s Rule Your Nation Awards! This month features people who live their lives to the fullest in sports, fitness, business, non-profit work, and trial advocacy. These leaders need no further introduction. Let’s get started.

Gary Little


Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

My name is Gary Little. I am a 27-year-old Jamaican-American from Stratford, Connecticut. I attended St. James Elementary School until attending Bunnell High School. I concluded my scholastic career at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut with a B.A. in New Media. Today, I live in New York City.


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever dream of going pro?

Yes, I played baseball until 6th grade and basketball until the end of high school. I most definitely dreamed of becoming an NBA Athlete. I often still have dreams of high school and college sports.

GaryLittleRuleYourNation2That leads to the all-encompassing question. Who was your favorite childhood NBA player?



What do you do now?

Recently, I was appointed President of a soon-to-be-launched media company called FameStream Media. We connect celebrities and athletes to brands through our propriety content amplification software. This is an incubation situation deriving from my old company The Circle LLC. An Athlete Angel Network called The STAR Angel Network is going through a complete re-branding stage which included the incubation of my company and the launch of a financially backed media company.


What do you love the most about what you do?

I have always been inspired by the thought of being my own boss. After years of risks and failures, I am finally in the position to call the shots and control my own destiny with a controlled revenue stream. Most importantly, I love being innovative. Digital Marketing has allowed me to do that.


Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

Becoming a young successful Black man has been the baseline of my motivation. My parents were my role models. I was extremely fortunate to have them as parents. They taught me such incredible values and instilled in me the true meaning of purpose. Recently, my fire was fueled by the passing of my long-time business partner and best friend(Ed: Rest in Peace Kevin Shaw). That occurrence has transformed my motivation to defy the odds then use the plateau to help make a serious change.


When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

To me that phrase means to identify what you feel is your nation then lead by example. I believe my nation is Black Culture. I strongly feel as if Black Culture dictates our society as a whole. Unfortunately, we are on the losing end. We are too engulfed in the role of the consumer and not in the mindset of the self-starter or hard worker. We are plagued by the thought of not getting enough chances and being treated unfairly. I believe it is a lack of leadership from the true Black influencers. If our athletes, entertainers and moguls spoke up to this subject then I feel this will be the start to our advancement.

So in order for me to “Rule My Nation,” I must use this opportunity to become a mogul then speak up once I am on that grand stage.

Note To Grant Miller:

I would like to thank Grant Miller for extending this opportunity to me. I am truly honored! This was a stimulating activity that helped me consolidate my thoughts and organize my next moves. I wish him the best of luck and continued success.

Conner Rensch


So what’s your story? Where and how did you grow up?

My name is Conner Rensch. I am from Omaha, Nebraska, and I am 26 years old. I grew up in a family of 5 children. I was the second oldest. I grew up in a very loving household, but I grew up very overweight.
Were you an athlete as a kid, and did you ever dream of being an athlete?
I was athletic as a kid, and my parents had me in all sports, but I struggled because I was so overweight.
I understand that you lost quite a bit of that weight. How much did you lose, how did you lose it, and how do maintain your level of fitness now?
I lost 130 pounds. I lost it the old-fashioned way, diet and exercise. I maintain and improve my body now by educating myself on the fuel my body needs for my lifestyle. I lift weights and follow a macronutrient meal plan.
So what do you do now?
I am now a hair stylist and motivational speaker in Omaha, Nebraska.
What do you love the most about what you do?
I love that I get to make people feel good about themselves on a daily basis. Whether I am speaking or hair styling, I feel I get to make people feel good from the inside out.
If you could give your past self any word of advice, what would it be?
If I could give my past self advice it would be to not let other people dictate your happiness so much. Be who you are, and don’t worry about the people who know nothing about you.
If there is anything about you now that has changed the most, what is it?
My self esteem has definitely changed the most. Being so overweight, I was really hard on myself. When I decided to take control of myself and start loving myself from the inside out is when I made a change emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
What motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?
The thing that motivates me the most is being a good role model for others. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than helping people succeed at their dreams.
When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?
 When I hear “Rule your Nation”, I think of taking control of this generation in a positive light and using your influence, whether big or small, for good.

Shawn Mobilio


 Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

I grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and moved to Naugatuck when I was 10 years old.  I always had a passion for basketball. I have two amazing brothers who are so competitive it’s crazy! We were always active our whole life, and competing daily whether it was playing basketball or lip singing in the car. I attended Naugy (Ed: Naugatuck High School for the non-Greyhounds)until my sophomore year, and then moved to Seymour.


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever dream of being a professional athlete? If so, in which sport?

I played basketball, football, track, and boxing on the side.  At Southern Connecticut State University I walked on to the basketball team, but my GPA fell and I wasn’t cleared by the clearing house. I got my GPA back up and the coach got fired. I was knocked down but not knocked out! I went to Western Connecticut State University my junior and senior year, and when I played there I was top three in assists in the LEC and the team captain.  I tried out for the USA Select; a tour team in North Carolina and was top 38 out of 500 players who were mostly D1 and D2 athletes. I was one of the few D3 players there! I traveled to London, Ireland, Scotland, and Whales while playing against professional teams! I didn’t get picked up, and I had to return a month later. It was tough, but I wasn’t knocked down. It was just another hump in the road.  I was going to go back and tour again. I was the captain of the team, and we don’t give up!


What do you do now?

I started training people out of L.A. Fitness. Then I took a leap of faith and opened my own spot with only two people and an entrepreneur mindset. I built my business to twenty clients. Now [it’s been]open a year and seven months. USA Select called me in September to go back, but I couldn’t leave my business. I love working with people and changing lives. I’m not just a trainer.  I motivate people to stay alive and let them go for their dreams. I saw what was out there, but I love people. I love seeing them do things people said they can’t!

ShawnMobilioRuleYourNation7If you had to choose what you’re doing now or going pro as a basketball player or a boxer, which would you choose and why?

I would choose what I am doing now because I love my job.  I love the grind. It’s still challenging, but I earned my success. No one gave it to me. I started with nothing, and I appreciate the grind.


Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

I’ve heard my whole life that I can’t. So now I show people you can. God gives me fire to get up everyday and help as many people I can to do what they want! So I thank God, family, friends, and all the haters who said I can’t! I tell them now, “Watch me do it!”

I didn’t have a room at school. I slept in my car, and in the Winter I slept in the gym. My coach at Western  told me I would never play in Europe.  So I woke up every morning at 5 a.m. before the custodians would come in, and I would shoot a thousand jump shots, do my ball-handling, shower, get to class, eat lunch, back to practice, shower, study, do it again. People see success, but they don’t know what happens behind closed doors; the many nights not going to parties and drinking but shooting late at night, running, lifting, swimming.

The custodians knew who I was and always said to me “Why aren’t you out partying?”

I replied, “I have a vision. I’m going to play in Europe.”

They believed me and let me use the facilities.  I also have a great mentor in Dan Bolton who pushed me to do what I’m doing. Josh Ruccio as well was my coach, and he passed away.  My college coaches wouldn’t even call me or attend my graduation. It’s sad but you need to be mentally strong. In time if I coach, I want to change that.

When you hear or read the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

“Rule Your Nation” means I rule the fitness world not just physically but mentally. You want something, go get it and stop talking about it. At 4 a.m. I’m up because I can’t sleep knowing someone else is up working hard. My work ethic will beat anyone. Got to have heart!

Molly Clayton


What is your background? Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

I grew up in Seymour, Connecticut, a small town in New Haven County. Then I moved to Boston to attend Boston College and Boston College Law School. I live in Charlestown now, a small neighborhood in Boston, and I absolutely love it here. I don’t think I’ll ever leave, but, I still go home to Seymour really often. I’m still best friends with all of my friends from high school!


It’s my understanding that you were quite the volleyball player in high school. When did you pick that up, and how far did you plan on taking it?

I loved volleyball in high school! I started playing my freshman year and took to it pretty easily since I’m 6 feet tall. I thought about playing in college, but I was actually better at track and field. I was getting recruited to better colleges academically for track than I was for volleyball, so that really made my decision for me. I high-jumped for two years at Boston College and then gave it up to focus on my double major.


What do you do now and what is a typical day like for you?

I’m currently a corporate lawyer. I actually just recently switched law firms and am excited about my new position. I practice labor and employment litigation; basically all of the crazy things that can happen at work, we get to deal with. It’s different every day, and I love that. Litigation can be fast-paced and crazy at times, but that’s what keeps me excited!

On a typical day, I wake up around 5 a.m. and take the bus to the gym or go on a run. I need to workout, even though it means waking up unfathomably early, because it’s my only me time in my day.  I need that! I get to work around 8 a.m. and then deal with the craziness of the day as it comes!


What do you love the most about what you do?

When I’m working on a big case, it can get super busy and everything moves really quickly, and that makes it so exciting! I also recently had my first trial, and preparing for that was so much fun. It was a ton of work, but then you get to watch as all of your hard work unfolds in the courtroom and there’s nothing better than that. I can’t wait until I’m the attorney leading the charge in the courtroom!


Which is your favorite: opening, direct, cross, or close and why?

Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to conduct any of those in a trial in a courtroom, but I recently had a hearing before an administrative body and got to conduct direct and cross examinations. I think cross is fun because you really have to think on your feet, but that also makes it scary! I’m still wondering if these things will ever start to feel less nerve-racking.


Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

For me, it’s always been about getting to the next step and proving to myself that you really can do anything you set your sight on. I like to set what seem to be unrealistic goals and try to reach them – both professionally and personally. I work on them one day at a time, and then a year later you realize how much you’ve achieved; whether it’s a promotion, more responsibility at work, or running your fastest half marathon. That’s a great feeling.

MollyClaytonRuleYourNation3When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

For me, the phrase “Rule Your Notation” evokes the feeling that we are the generation that can make changes. It means stepping up, getting involved in your community, and being a leader. It’s a pretty great ideal to live by, as it reminds you that you can always be doing more! I’m excited to see where you go with this, Grant!

Ken Fletcher


Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

I have lived my entire life in Chicago. I went to Stone Elementary School, Senn High School, the University of Illinois, and Chicago-Kent College of Law. I taught grammar school from 1969 to 1973. I was a Cook County Public Defender from 1976 to 2007 with 4 years in private practice during the mid-eighties. In 2007, I was appointed to the Circuit Court of Cook County. I retired at the end of 2012. I have returned part-time to the private practice of law.


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever want to pursue it professionally?

I had 13 amateur boxing matches. I won the first 12. I was moved up to the next division and promptly got knocked out. I had no desire to continue as an amateur let alone turn pro!


 What do you do now?

Criminal defense.


 I understand that boxing is one of your favorite sports. In what ways have you stayed involved in the Chicago boxing scene?

I was a ring announcer for professional and amateur shows for 24 years. I announced bouts for former champions James “Lights Out” Toney and Sugar Shane Mosley. I did shows on ESPN and Showtime. I had to give it up when I became a judge, but I served on the board of directors for Chicago Golden Gloves. I currently announce a couple of amateur bouts a year.


What do you love the most about what you do?

The opportunity to pursue the Constitutional mandate to put the State to its burden of proof. This is what distinguishes our system from all others.


Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

I still love trying cases and helping my clients to obtain the best possible result under their individual circumstances.


The legal profession can be pretty overwhelming. How do you maintain the right work life balance between making a living, taking care of yourself, and pursuing your passion?

Actually, balance is no problem for me. I am semi-retired, so I only take the cases I want. I take off up to three days a week.


 When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

Fulfilling the Constitutional mandate.

Tiffany Gaston


 Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?
I grew up in South Florida and moved to Arizona at the age of 21, which is also the same year I got married. I’ve also lived in Atlanta, which I definitely love. I have three children ages 6, 11 and 13. They are all so different and unique and I love watching them blossom into their own little people!
Were you an athlete growing up and did you dream of becoming a professional?
I have always been an athlete. Since I could walk, I was running, climbing trees and jumping all over the place. I was a definite tomboy! I was a competitive gymnast from an early age and went on to run track and cross-country in high school. I developed a love for weight training at the age of 16 when the boys wrestling coach suggested I take his class. Learning proper form and technique was just the beginning, I was hooked and went on to compete in fitness and figure on and off over the years.
I understand that you are involved in some non-profit work. What, along with that, do you do now?
Yes, I am on the board for the Johnjay and Rich Care for Kids Foundation. We raise awareness and funds to benefit children in foster care, for which there are over 17,000 in Arizona alone. When the opportunity presented itself, I felt very passionate about participating in a charity that benefits children, especially those who did not choose this path for their lives. I am also a freelance health and fitness writer and regularly contribute to publications all over the world along with currently writing my first book slated to be published by early next year.  You may have seen me in some of the very same fitness magazines I write for as a fitness model, having landing four magazine covers over the past couple of years. Ultimately, however, my greatest “job” is that of a wife and mother to three incredible and incredibly busy kids. It’s a definite juggling act most days, but it’s a labor of love!
What do you love the most about what you do?
I most love that I would be doing the things I do regardless if I was sharing it with the world or social media. It’s part of who I am and what makes me tick. Motivating others by sharing my own personal journey is the best part of it all. Helping people expect more out of their own lives and health is something that makes me feel good.
 Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?
I am motivated by challenging myself daily. It’s a passion I’ve had since I was young. If I don’t have goals than I feel stagnant and unproductive and nothing drives this Type-A personality more insane than that! Whether it’s health and fitness related, or in a completely different aspect of my life, goal setting is the key for me.
When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?
To me, “Rule your Nation” implies a mindset that you can overcome anything you set out to achieve.

Paul Lee Banasiak


Tell us about yourself. Where did you grew up, go to school, etc.?

I grew up in a small farm town in Poland. My mother and I came to the States a week after 9/11 happened and before I turned 8-years-old. We have been living in Connecticut ever since. I graduated both high school and college in Connecticut as a Health and Exercise Science major. I grew up with a very strong woman by my side, and although she isn’t a fan of boxing or Muay Thai, she shaped her son into the man I am today in and out of the ring.


Were you an athletic kid growing up, and did it ever cross your mind to go pro?

In “real sports”? Not so much. I always liked to do something that wasn’t mainstream. I dabbled in football and soccer but was nothing more than average if that. However, I did enjoy extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding which I did for over 10 years before my body felt like it was beginning to fall apart. I never imagined myself as a professional athlete. I never lived the life of an athlete until I came across Muay Thai. A run at the professional ranks is soon to come, but the world of Muay Thai is very cut throat, and you have to be ready to face the best of the best after only a few fights. I have been offered many opportunities to turn professional, but I know patience will add to the longevity of my career. I have to play it smart and there has to be no one left for me to fight.


 August Rule Your Nation Award winner, and your girlfriend, Samantha Abrams, mentioned you as one of the reasons she started practicing Muay Thai. Where and how did Muay Thai find you?

I used to box with my friends in the backyard and always looked up to combat athletes. It never crossed my mind to actually compete, but after some time I became interested in defending myself. That turned into training in a rundown garage with some amateur and underground fighters, and eventually led me to different MMA gyms. I could never make a connection with grappling. I had too much love for the extreme nature of striking. That excitement was peaceful at the same time. Many people view Jiu Jitsu as a chess game, but striking is like meditation for me. There is no other time where I feel so present and comfortable.


Having my first fight turned into wanting my first knockout; my first knockout win turned into wanting my first title; my first title led to a need to fight in a big show like MSG; and fighting at Madison Square Garden led me to want to become the best semi-pro on the East coast before turning professional. A journey which I am currently following.


What motivates you the most to keep fighting?

The never-ending journey. The titles and wins are great and all, but rarely do they translate into other facets of my life. The journey throughout each training camp, the relationships I have created because of the sport, as well as the person I have become are the biggest reasons for me to keep on grinding. The unquenchable thirst to make the next big step and to become a better version of myself plays a key role as well. Every time I think I have accomplished something, I already have my eyes set on what is next. The possibilities you begin to entertain once you accomplish the impossible become possible.  Now that’s motivation.


If you could name any part of fight training that challenges you the most, what is it and why?

Balance. I have a hard time dipping my toes in the water. I’m either dry, or I’m diving straight into the deep end. Now when you want to be a top-ranked fighter, the best trainer in the area, work a second job, get high honors in school, and be the best man you could be to your lady, balance is nearly impossible. I have made some hard decisions to keep everything going, including giving up on a social life, but the things I listed above are my utmost priorities. Anything extra is a bonus, and at the end of the day I feel like I am living life to the fullest from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. That 8 hours of sleep is important!


Do you have any advice for any future Muay Thai champions reading this?

Do it only if you really love it. Becoming a champion is only a byproduct of the journey you will encounter. So just enjoy the ride. Take in as much as you can, keep an open mind, and then pass it on. Maybe coaching is not your forté , but pass on the lessons you learned to your family members and friends. This includes being humble, standing your ground, and biting down on your mouth piece when life is throwing hard shots at you.


When you hear or read the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

What “Rule Your Nation” means to me is having the courage to constantly live life by testing its limits; being the dictator of your own path. Your nation is the people you surround yourself with and the life you have chosen for yourself. We may be born into wealth or hardship, but with each situation we have a chance to make it ours and rule our own little nation.

Baendu Lowenthal


Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

My name is Baendu Fiema Lowenthal, aka “Be”.I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Riverside, New Jersey, away from my father, at the age of 9 so my mother could care for my senile great-aunt. The unwarranted shift from a gifted child in the Baltimore City Public school system to a “special ed” child in the Riverside Suburban Public school system took a toll on my self-esteem. At such a young age it was a huge shock mentally, physically and spiritually, but I learned about a million experiences later not to give two thoughts to the labels society requires us to check, and ultimately, the low self-esteem and depression I dealt with never stopped the source desire to experience this world. Because of that desire I have been blessed with a free undergraduate and graduate education and the opportunity to live in and visit several countries. The most rewarding experiences for me have been the mutual exchange of skills, talents and knowledge with kids through the camps I run with my P.I.C. (Partner In Creativity), Sabra Wrice. Overall, I am enjoying my life because that is what we are here to do. Be at peace in the good and bad, and then move on to the next! 


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever want to pursue it professionally?

Yes, I was an athlete growing up. I spent much of my younger years involved in African dance, Shorin-ryu karate, soccer, basketball, and – let us not forget – the lost past time of playing outside. The thought of playing professional basketball only crossed my mind after an agent sat down with me during my senior year of college. I ended up playing professionally in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and now the United Kingdom.


What do you do now?

I am still playing professional basketball, but I have decided to also take a route that will present more opportunities for the people around me and myself by pursuing a graduate degree at Sheffield Hallam University. During the off-season, I prepare for my next move. For instance, this past summer,  the other founders of Love is My Religion and I worked on the blueprint for how we plan to help the community, beginning in the summer of 2016.


What’s the hardest aspect of your current profession?

The hardest aspect of my current profession is maintaining balance. I started out balanced because I was playing basketball for the joy it brought me, but as the years went on, and when I got into the professional arena, the love for the game was overshadowed by my ego going after money. I was giving life to material items and in return was stunting my growth, which ended up stunting my joy. Currently, I am in the process of creating a balance and restoring my joy through playing professional basketball and taking graduate courses. The team here in the United Kingdom is the ideal place for me right now.


What do you love the most about what you do?

I love the possibilities. Basketball has and continues to take me around the world. My travels always present me with new opportunities to connect with new people and environments.


Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

Being in a positive state of mind pushes me to pursue my goals. Whether we realize it or not, energy goes and flows through everything, including thoughts and actions. There is positive energy and negative energy, and I always reflect on my experiences to gain an understanding of what kind of actions and thoughts led to positive or negative energies and outcomes in my life. In all traumatic situations in my past, the energy was so negative that it knocked me into a place of neutrality. I was stuck in a state of observation and reflection, and it took help from a positive outside source, like someone who loves and cares for you, to get back to a place of peace. I now realize that I need to be in a state of peace, especially when there is madness going on around me. The late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  So even though it is not always easy, I do my best to stay in light form by speaking positive words into others because hate does not heal.


If you have any advice for someone who wants to live the life you’re living now, what would it be?

Commit to giving time and energy into crafting whatever it is you are passionate about and enjoy the ride just like with me. I found joy in playing basketball, exerted the necessary energy, and spent the necessary time to acquire the skills that would make it possible for me to do it until I felt the need to shift to something new. Just keep moving, and if you feel yourself becoming stagnant, move. Whether it be through a book, mentally or physically relocating to a different space, or changing your perspective on your current situation, just move! Forward progress and raising human consciousness is the goal.


When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

To me the phrase “Rule Your Nation” means to be mindful of what you think and express to yourself and the rest of the world. Too often we give our power and control up to outside entities that do not have the human race’s advancement as priority number one. We give power to the mentality of “I am going to get mine and forget the rest.” As the present day shows, the human race cannot survive that way any longer, and we must reclaim our power by ruling our nation.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Inspiring people live all around us.  All you have to do is ask, and they will tell their story. Thanks again for reading. Until next time.

Rule well, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

Angel of War: The Saga Continues Today!



The time has come. You’ve read the “Nephilim Mini Series.” You’ve read the sample. There is nothing else left but to continue Achilla Johnson’s incredible journey by reading the sequel to “Achilla The Strong.”  If you liked the first book, you will love the second.

“Angel of War” releases today, but that’s not all! For the next week, it will go on sale for 50% OFF. Just enter the promotional code YS44K at this link, and download your e-book! In the meantime, read the information below to whet your appetite for this amazing story. Enjoy.


Achilla Johnson is now a CIA Agent. After four years of training and busy work, she finally gets her first real assignment. She must spy on Roberto “Blue Eyes” Gabrielli; a corrupt defense attorney with strong ties to New Haven’s political and criminal element. Achilla must infiltrate Blue Eyes’ law firm and gather enough intel to connect him to an international crime syndicate led by the infamous but elusive Xerxes. To make matters more complicated, Ailina Harris reappears after years of hiding and offers a truce. In exchange, Achilla must help find her grandfather Ares for reasons that remain unclear.

Achilla’s mind is pushed to the limit as she investigates Blue Eyes and deciphers Ailina’s motives. She also fights an inner war as her increased strength and new-found abilities come with unanticipated side effects. Achilla’s world grows more dangerous by the day until she is forced to decide what she must become in order to protect her family. Her next step will change everyone’s lives forever.

Achilla wouldn’t have it any other way.

Angel of War is the second novel of the Nephilim Chronicles Series written by G.Miller. It is a story of a woman’s will to protect her family against all odds and by any means necessary.



Read well, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

The Warrior Spirit: Does Achilla Johnson possess a Warrior’s Mind?

Son Goku possessed the Warrior Spirit in spades. (credit: haloandavatar)

The Warrior Spirit is a trait possessed by few. Most of us have no clue how to obtain it, and a far greater majority don’t know how to maintain its intensity. It is the will to fight for what you want. It’s the refusal to accept your circumstances no matter how final they appear. Warriors don’t accept quitting as an option, and no matter how much it hurts to persevere, still they push forward. A Warrior won’t stop until he succeeds. A Warrior won’t rest until her job is finished. A true Warrior doesn’t understand what it means to quit when the going gets tough, and she has no interest in learning. Such a zest for life and a zeal to win draws the admiration of the Warrior’s peers.  It also draws hatred from his enemies.

If you think Son Gohan would lie down and watch his friend die, you have another think coming.(credit: haloandavator)

Warriors are seldom born this way. Nor do they wake up in the morning and decide to fight everyone with reckless abandon. Every Warrior you meet is a Warrior for a specific reason.  A study of the greatest fictional Warriors shows that they all need a conflict for their Warrior Spirit to reveal itself.  That conflict must come in two forms.

Yep. That’s a pretty strong catalyst.(credit: haloandavatar)

1.The Catalyst

The Warrior needs a catalyst.  Something has to snap. A line must be crossed. A heart must break. A loved one must die. An unforgiveable wrong must occur.  The Warrior Spirit is a fire in your soul, and it needs a spark before it lights.  Behind every Warrior  is a trail of pain, and she is stronger because of it.

Few moments feel better than surprising a hater with your success.( credit: haloandavatar)

The Cause

The Warrior needs a cause.  Without a goal, the Warrior’s rage amounts to nothing but misdirected aggression.  There must be an enemy he has to defeat and a new plateau to climb. The great thing about the Warrior’s cause is that it is often a goal that nobody else believes he can achieve. Only the Warrior knows he can win, and he has the confidence to own the victory long before it happens.  It is that supercharged self-esteem that fuels the Warrior Spirit whenever circumstances tell the Warrior that his cause is a waste of time. Fortunately, the Warrior only listens to his inner voice that tells him that it would be a greater travesty to quit than to die trying. The catalyst may spark the Warrior Spirit into a flame, but it is the cause that fans it.


   “I won’t let you hurt my brother. I won’t! One of us will die first!” -Achilla Johnson, Angel of War. 

Does Achilla Johnson possess the Warrior Spirit? Does she need a catalyst? Does she have a cause that will fan her Warrior Spirit into a raging inferno? If so, what are they? What line will be crossed in “Angel of War?” What goal will Achilla chase without rest until she rises victorious? You’ll have to wait and see, but know this. Achilla is the last Warrior you want to face in battle.  It’s best to stand out of her way and admire her determination.

Stay Warriors, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

Achilla Strong: Planning Achilla Johnson’s Workout Routine.

Achilla the Strong Cover Photo

Achilla Johnson is sixteen in this picture. She also caused that crack in the ground.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Achilla Johnson is really strong. In “Achilla The Strong,” you’ve read about her fighting off multiple men, punching through concrete, and surviving after getting catapulted through a tree.  She’s no joke in a fight because she is skilled in multiple martial arts, but it’s her raw strength that shocks her opponents the most. Her kicks send them flying. Her punches break bones like twigs. Even her grip leaves bruises. Achilla is so powerful that even as a sixteen-year-old girl, grown men ran away from her. So when I created this character, and developed her further for a sequel, I had to answer one question.


When Ailina and Achilla fight, the ground shakes.

How does a super strong freak of nature stay in shape? Achilla Johnson is superior to the even the best professional athlete, but she is still(technically) human. Her physiology isn’t far off from mine or yours. So she should rely on the same training methods that the world’s strongest people rely on. Granted. Next question.

Whose training do I emulate? As awesome as it would be to use some of my favorite anime characters, there is one problem. They are predominantly male. As a guy, I see no problem with men being strong, but it’s obviously ideal to draw inspiration from female athletes to train Achilla Johnson. So I scoured the internet and found fitness models, bikini, figure, and physique competitors, martial artists, and basketball players.  I also found some calisthenics queens who use their own bodies as their work-out tools.

Shout-out to Baristi Workout for the awesome videos!

As I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with lifting weights. I lift weights and encourage others to do the same. However, Achilla Johnson will spend the rest of her life learning about the secrets of her body and the limits of her strength. What better way to display that than by basing her physical fitness on athletes who master their bodies more each day without the aid of anything else? You will see a lot of calisthenics in “Angel of War” and beyond as Achilla lives her life exploring her own abilities. They are as fun to write about as they are to watch.

Achilla Johnson will do this and more. 

Kudos to these Wonder Women for doing what you do. You inspire me more every day. I hope Achilla Johnson honors your hard work. It is my goal to pleasantly surprise you. Until then, best of luck and keep grinding.

Train hard, my friends.

No Apologies,

Angel of War: The Sample.

Achilla Johnson 2

Good day, my friends.  I hope you enjoyed the “Nephilim Mini Series.” If you haven’t had a chance to read it, here is a link to the first post. Now that the mini series is done, it’s time for a sample of “Angel of War.”   In this scene, Achilla has her first encounter with Roberto “Blue Eyes” Gabrielli; a corrupt attorney who is entrenched in New Haven’s political and criminal environment. Achilla is disguised as a real estate agent looking to close a sale, and they have quite the conflict of interest.

Don’t worry about spoilers. This is only the beginning of Achilla’s saga as a CIA agent. Enjoy!


Blue Eyes stared at her with intensity that made the whole room disappear.  Achilla stared back.  She was used to eyes like his; eyes that paralyze the weak and make them submit.  She refused to back down.  Blue Eyes maintained his stare as he stood up from his desk.  He then walked past her and closed the blinds to the glass window to his office.  The hairs on the back of Achilla’s neck stood on end as she heard him walking behind her.  She ran her hand against her thigh until she felt the pistol hidden under her skirt.  She might have to kill him sooner than she thought, but this was not the place for it.  They were on the far end of a hallway full of witnesses, and Achilla would have to evade twelve floors of security.  For Achilla to escape without getting caught, she would have to wipe out the entire office before they called the cops.  Not only was the likelihood of success for such an act without exposing herself as a nephilim very low, but it was also the last thing that she wanted to do to innocent people. Achilla heard Blue Eyes’ breathing as he stood behind her and she stiffened as he spoke.

“You know, Berger said you were new in town,” Blue Eyes said. “Looking to get your feet wet.  Well around here, this is how we do things.  If you want any business in this city, you have to be a team player.”

“I don’t believe we’re on the same team,” Achilla replied. “I work for Mr. Berger, not you, and you’re not going to pressure me into doing anything unethical.  I didn’t leave L.A. to deal with more of this.”

“Oh, you’re on my team all right,” Blue Eyes said.

Achilla gasped when she felt his crotch against the back of her head.  She bit her lip as her face burned and tears filled her eyes.  She had to maintain her cover.  She couldn’t punch him in the neck, or grab his throat, or snap his arm, or crack his sternum, or break his legs, or any of the multitude of things she could do to him right now without batting an eye.  She had to be a frightened, green, real estate agent for the sake of gathering intel.  She had to maintain-

“You know the real reason he sent you over here?” Blue Eyes continued. “He could’ve called me himself.  You’re part of the deal too.”

“What do you mean?” Achilla asked knowing full well what the answer was.

“It means I could have my way with you right now,” Blue Eyes said. “And there’s nothing you can do about it; not if you want to make it big.”

Blue Eyes pushed his crotch harder into the back of Achilla’s head before he stroked her hair. Achilla pinched her thigh and clinched her eyes shut. He had the nerve to sexually harass her and pet her like a dog at the same time?  Achilla clenched her fists as she fought the urge to crotch-punch him hard enough to slam his underwhelming manhood into his rib cage.  She had to maintain her cover.  How would Terri Blake react? She would react the same way any honest, hardworking, professional woman would. Achilla rose from her seat and stepped back.

“I am a professional, Mr. Gabrielli,” Achilla hissed as she wiped her eyes. “I want to get ahead by my work only!”

“Look, baby, if you want to cross the bridge,” Blue Eyes said as he stepped closer. “You’ll have to pay the toll.  I know every millionaire in New Haven.  I can bring you business, but you’ve got to be willing to give me something too. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

“No thanks,” Achilla snapped as she walked past him toward the door. She had to find another way to get close to him because there was no way she was having sex with this pig. As soon as she left the building, she was going to call Agent Jones and think of a new strategy. Perhaps there was a way to sneak into the building and steal the records. Maybe she could get the keys from the cleaning crew. Something, anything, was better than even the notion of sleeping with Blue Eyes.

Just before Achilla reached the door, Blue Eyes grabbed her arm. His grip was tight; too tight for any man to grab a woman. It was also too tight for Achilla to hold off her temper any longer. She whirled around and pounded his temple with a left hook before kneeing his groin, lifting him by his shirt, and slamming him to the floor; making sure to go just easy enough to keep him conscious.  She then pulled him up by his shirt and pinned him against his desk with a crash that sent all of his paperwork flying.  Blue Eyes raised his hands in submission as Achilla glared at him.

“I could have my way with you right now,” Achilla snarled. “And there’s nothing you can do about it; not if you want to live.  So I will.”


“Keep your hands where I can see them the entire time I talk,” Achilla said. “I don’t want you pressing any silent alarms in here like a dumb-ass, and judging by your grades at Connecticut College and Yale, you’re not a dumb-ass, right, Roberto; or should I say Blue Eyes?”

“How the hell do you know that name?” asked Blue Eyes as he kept his hands up.

“Never mind that,” Achilla said as she grabbed his neck with one hand and pulled the computer monitor forward with the other. “You will give me the names of all of your clients over the past twelve years.”

“It’s all on a flash drive at Patricia’s desk,” gurgled Blue Eyes.

“Patricia?” Achilla asked with a frown. “Who’s that?”

“The receptionist up front,” Blue Eyes said. “She’s my niece.”

“That explains why she has no class,” Achilla replied. “Clearly it runs in the family. Maybe I should go out there and deal with her too.”

“No, relax,” Blue Eyes said. “That’s my wife’s family, all right, and I can get divorced on my own without your help. Look, you got me, now what do you want?”

“After listening to you beat Esther,” Achilla growled. “What I really want is to shove my foot very far up your ass!”

“I would consider it a great favor if you didn’t,” Blue Eyes stammered. “Come on, look, I can give you my contacts, ok? How can I get them to you?”

“Call Patricia and tell her to leave the flash drive on her desk so that you can pick it up,” Achilla said. “Then tell her to go to lunch.  If you don’t…”

Achilla pulled her Glock .22 out from her under her skirt and pushed it against his Adam’s apple.

“Do it,” Achilla said as she let go of his neck and let Blue Eyes pick up the phone. “Make it quick.”

“Trish,” Blue Eyes said. “Yeah, could you leave my flash drive on your desk?  And go pick me up some pizzas would you?  I’ve got some clients coming in.  Thanks.”

“Good,” Achilla said as he hung up the phone. “And for the record, if I find anything missing on that flash drive, I’m coming back.”

“You’re no real estate agent,” Blue Eyes replied with wide eyes. “You’re…No, you’re a Fed.  You just violated the Fourth Amendment with an illegal search and seizure.”

“I tell you what,” Achilla said as she grabbed Blue Eyes’ throat again and waved her pistol in front of his eyes like a loaded metronome. “How about you keep quiet about this, and I’ll keep quiet about those girls you have over whenever your wife’s away.”

“She already knows,” Blue Eyes replied.

“How about your daughters?” Achilla asked. “Maybe they’d like to know that someone else’s been calling you Daddy.”

“You…wouldn’t,” Blue Eyes grunted as sweat glistened on his forehead before a grin crept onto his lips. “You wouldn’t tell…three little girls that. Would you? No, you don’t have it in you. No, you’re too straight-laced for that, I can tell. If you were that cold, you’d’ve took the money. ”

“Maybe I won’t tell all three,” Achilla said with a sneer. “Maybe I’ll just tell Esther how dark your girlfriends are. Oh, she’ll just love that. She might even run back to her ex-boyfriend in the Tre to celebrate.”

“No!” Blue Eyes growled as his face swelled and reddened.

“Just keep quiet, and we won’t have to worry about it,” Achilla replied. “I’m going to leave now.  If you follow me, or have me followed, I will notice.  I will kill whoever’s trailing me, and then I will come back for you.”

Achilla lifted Blue Eyes off of the desk and carried him overhead before choke-slamming him into the pile of papers on the floor.  She then shoved her gun back under her skirt before turning toward the door.  When she heard him rise to his feet, she looked over her shoulder.  Blue Eyes stared at her with cold intensity as his face maintained its brick red complexion.  Achilla smirked and shrugged her shoulders as she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes approaching the office; the same shoes that Patricia wore up front. This time, she would listen to Agent Jones’ advice and focus on the escape. Achilla mussed up her hair and loosened her blouse.

“Clean yourself up,” Achilla hissed at Blue Eyes before she opened the door.  Patricia stood in the doorway with a pen and pad and walked past her.

“Uncle Rob, you didn’t say what kind of pizza-”

Patricia looked at Blue Eyes then back at Achilla.  Achilla smirked as she readjusted her skirt and fanned her neck.  She then patted her hair down until it was somewhat presentable and buttoned her blouse.  Patricia lowered her head and gripped the notepad in her hand. When Blue Eyes stood up and walked toward her, she turned her back on him.

“Your uncle’s quite the negotiator,” Achilla said with a grin as she fanned her neck before waving at Blue Eyes with her fingertips. “Bye, Roberto.”

Patricia stared at Achilla with her mouth open as her cheeks and eyes turned crimson.  Achilla smirked at her before she sauntered down the hallway to the reception desk.  A black flash drive sat on top of the desk, and she snatched it up before walking out the front door.  Once Achilla gave this flash drive to Agent Jones, they could determine how many clients were involved with the sex trafficking ring.  From there, they could decide who to hit next.  Achilla sighed as she walked out the front door and pressed the button for the elevator.

“God, that felt amazing,” Achilla said to herself as the elevator doors opened to the first floor. She walked back out to New Haven Green and into a store across the street where she bought a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt that said “CT: We go Hard” over a map of the state, and a pair of black and purple sneakers. Finally, she could wear the clothes she actually enjoyed on a Monday afternoon. She changed in the back of the store and grabbed a blackout fitted cap to cover her face.  She then crossed the street and lowered the brim of her cap over her eyes as she leaned against a tree at the edge of the green to watch the festivities. An Earth Wind and Fire Concert rang throughout the park, and she nodded her head to the band.

Achilla sent a text to Agent Jones’ phone that read “Closed Escrow.”  She lowered her head when she heard police cars drive by toward the law firm.  If anyone asked, she was no longer Terri Blake from Los Angeles.  She was Kerry Daniels from New Haven.  Achilla grinned and shook with laughter when she saw Blue Eyes marching down the street with three New Haven police officers.  When Blue Eyes passed by without even noticing her, she giggled to herself and watched the festival.  She would renege on her promise to kill him.  At this point, it served no purpose.  However, there was one visit Achilla needed to make.  She closed her eyes, focused her hearing, and smelled the air for the scent of Blue Eyes’ cologne mixed with perspiration. No dice. By now he must have been far enough away for her to move without him finding her.  She strolled out of the park and found her black sedan before driving back to Westville.

She stopped at the corner of Berger’s street when she saw the scene. Five police cars surrounded his home, and there was yellow tape everywhere. She had intended on paying Berger a visit as a hysterical Terri Blake declaring her resignation as his real estate agent, but as she focused her ears on the conversation between two New Haven police detectives wearing white shirts black ties in front of her, she decided to keep her distance.

“Clear suicide,” the bald, tan-skinned detective wearing a black tie said. “Bastard slit his own wrists. I guess all the press got to him.”

“Press?” the heavyset blonde detective wearing a blue tie snorted. “Did you see his house? He had kiddy porn all over the place. This guy had a guilty conscience. Look, he even left a note.”

“What’s it say?”

“Eh,” the heavyset blonde muttered before he read. “‘Tell Ms. Blake I’m sorry. There’s a special place in hell for me.’ Who the hell’s Ms. Blake?”

“That’s what we’ll find out next,” the tan detective said. “Though, I agree with the special place in hell line. Man, I hate child abusers.”

“Well, we won’t have to worry about that anymore,” the blond detective quipped. “If you ask me, he just made my job easy. I wish all these sick bastards would do this.”

“Oh, Jesus, Riley! Keep saying that and internal affairs’ll be breathing down your neck!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Achilla turned the car around and drove the opposite way. Now she understood what Berger meant about hating the human race. He was including himself. Her anger at him died down to a wave of pity that she forced out of her head. No. She had no pity for a man who set her up, no matter what kind of letters he wrote for her.  She forced out any empathy for Berger as she watched the roads for state police and drove the speed limit so as not to draw attention to herself. When she arrived in Hartford, she abandoned her car, leaving it to be returned by another agent.  She then strolled down the street to the parking garage where she knew Agent Jones was waiting and tossed the flash drive between her hands as she whistled the sweet tunes of “September” and grinned at the night sky.

Mission accomplished.


So what happens next? Does Blue Eyes ever find Achilla? Is her mission truly accomplished, and has she finally had a successful mission as a CIA Agent? These questions and more will be answered in “Angel of War.” Make sure to pre-order your e-book here, or wait until the release on September 12th! I will tell you this. The story gets more intense from here.

Happy reading, my friends.

No Apologies,



August Rule Your Nation Awards

August Rule Your Nation Awards

Welcome to our next round of Rule Your Nation Awards! Today we have a special treat. I’ve interviewed some people who live incredible lives. One is a fitness model and boxer, among other things.  Another is a professional basketball player. We also have two trained fighters who practice Muay Thai and 52 Blocks. Finally, we have a lifestyle coach and former NCAA Tournament contender. Every single person here who took time out of their busy schedules to speak to me has an awesome story worth sharing.  They exemplify this blog’s motto by ruling their respective nations in ways that bring them joy and fulfillment, and it was an honor meeting them.  Let’s get started with our first recipient.

Jessica Meyer


Tell us about yourself.

[I]aspire to inspire [by]motivating others to be their best by being my best. [I am a] nutrition and wellness coach and personal trainer, WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, amateur boxer, obstacle racer & fitness enthusiast. I’m constantly raising the bar in each challenge, pushing clients to do the same [and] showing[ing] through example you can be [and]do anything you choose if you work hard [and] believe in yourself. No matter the challenges, fear or struggles, I get to wake up every day knowing I am changing lives and that is what life is all about! I have used being an athlete and fitness and achievements as my platform to send my messages to the world. Helping others, from the inside out, through proper nutrition is [my] passion. It creates more benefit than reaching a weight goal. It’s about energy and zest for life, living a long life of happiness and health. Positive body image is [my] other passion, promoting self love in a world full of negative images and comparison. I live for the next challenge ahead, generally it is athletically related and continues to grow more intense with each undertaking. There is a constant drive within that pushes me to do and be more and I believe that I can, aspiring to inspire and motivating others to be their best, by being my best, along the way. Competing as a WBFF Pro, as well as every other athletic competition I put in front of me, not only provides me the opportunity for physical and mental growth each stage, a me-versus-me competition, but a space to promote and market my brand, me. Living and breathing what I speak and what I work to teach, leading by example and always bringing my best is of utmost importance as I continue to be a better me than yesterday.


Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?

I was born in Indiana but lived in Colorado most of my life, moving quite a bit as a child and teenager and attending several schools including two high schools. [I learned]independence and self sufficiency at a young age.  I started working at fourteen and quickly realized I wasn’t willing to settle in any position and was always striving for more and was driven to learn and be my best in order to climb the ladder of success.  After graduating high school at Ponderosa in Parker, CO, I attended Community College of Denver on [a] scholarship where I received an Associate of Arts degree. Fast forwarding to recent times, I left a 12 1/2 year management career for a local title company in October [of] 2013 to pursue my passion in coaching others in positive body image, proper nutrition, overall wellness and overcoming life obstacles. I returned to school for a full degree in Human Nutrition, started my own coaching business, and started my life over; leaving my job and stable income behind. I believe that if I follow my heart, everything will work out.


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever dream of being an athlete?

I played sports in middle school and high school, trying everything from swimming to volleyball, basketball and track and found a love of gymnastics. [After] doing flips in the front yard as a child, this wasn’t a surprise. I was an active child and teenager, riding my bike, walking everywhere, lifting weights in the gym and practicing any sport. I was outside every day playing as a child and didn’t want to be in front of the TV. I loved being outdoors. It [gave] me a sense of control and freedom to be whatever I chose to be; to be whatever I worked for and committed myself to. I knew I could be anything.
When did you decide to become a fitness competitor and why?
[I was] always active and [raised] the bar in [the] events participate[d] in, [but] I found that I needed more. I was always in competition with myself, striving to be bigger, better, faster each time. Competing was a sport that I could do time and time again and work to be a better version of myself [every time]. Of course there is a competition factor involved, but my primary focus is on me being the best I can be in that moment. Everything else is icing on the cake. There is a large mental aspect involved in competing too. The journey to[the] stage reveals [your] character and your true self. I am drawn to those types of sports where the mental game is just as important, if not more, than the physical demand. Stepping on stage is also about showing others what is possible. Anything is possible, mind and body, if you so choose.
 What made you get into boxing?
As I mentioned, I am constantly striving for more, the next challenge, the next mental game to teach me strength and peel back the layers to learn more about me and strengthen [myself]. One of my strong suits is that I am tough. This can be both a gift and a hindrance in life, but in the sense of the sport, boxing requires a toughness that many other sports cannot duplicate. Boxing is the hardest sport, the hardest training and challenge I’ve ever done. As much work as it is, as draining both emotionally and physically that it is to push beyond your limits every day, [it still]  draws me back for more. It is hard. It doesn’t come naturally to me. There are days I don’t want to go to practice, it’s work, but that is where I learn the most about myself and see what I’m really made of. I will be back to train for my next fight in the next few months!
Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?
I am self motivated,[and that] is the primary piece of the puzzle. I knew at a young age that nothing would ever be given, that I would have to work for it and work hard. I knew that I wanted to be great, and that carries a different definition for everyone, but I wanted to make a difference. The second motivator for me is exactly that, I want to make a difference. I use my athletic platform to send my message to the world, or whoever is watching. You truly can be and do anything you want! I left a full career to pursue my passion, I have seen the bottom and am there currently.  After making these decisions it isn’t easy, but what holds true is that I believe in myself. I know that no matter how hard things get, I will survive and I will be successful and have a story to share with others to pursue their passions. When I’m lacking motivation I remember that all eyes are on me, I will not fail myself, and I will not fail others who want to make a positive change in their life because it is possible.

 When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

In the grand scheme, it means exactly how I choose to live my life. I rule my nation. I live my life the way I choose to, with no influence [from] others. I live outside of the box and am my own person. I make my own rules and walk to the beat of my own drum. This is where life really happens. Everyone should rule their nation. It would be a happier, less stressful place without a facade or fancy material things covering people up. It is all about who you are as a person that matters and when we can live free, with full expression and the way we choose, all of those other walls come down.

Anthony Johnson
 So what’s your story? Where did you grow up, go to school, etc.?
I am from Lake Wales, Florida [and] graduated from Lake Wales Senior High. [I] then went to college at Fairfield University where I got a degree in politics and played basketball [as a] four year starter.
Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever dream of being a professional athlete?
I was more of just chill kid. but when [I] got to high school [I] started playing and taking sports very serious as a way to get out of [my hometown] and make something of myself[ because I] knew my mom wouldn’t be able to send me to college. Then as I started being more serious, I knew I could have a chance at playing professional if I worked hard. So [I focused on] making it.
When did you decide to seriously pursue basketball?
[In] 9th grade I got very serious about basketball.
 Is there any one play or basketball moment that you know you’ll never forget?
I have a [few] moments I will not forget. In my junior year [of] college, [I was told] I had blood clots in my lungs and would never be able to play basketball ever again, and earlier [that] season my cousin, [who] was like my brother and my other competitor/motivator, had died of cancer. But after that another moment would be when I first stepped back on the court my senior year [and won] athlete of the year that [season]. [Also,] signing my first professional contract.
What motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?
I’d say what motivates me would be my cousin who died because he was great in football, and we were suppose[d] to take over sports. He was my age and he was going to take over football, and I was going to take over in basketball. So every day I play for both of us. [I want to make] sure my future kids want for nothing, and show[[the kids in my city]that they can get out no matter what and can do anything.  Also, seeing  smiles on my family’s faces motivate[s] me to work harder.
When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

I think “Rule Your Nation” is great because it’s something I think I have lived by. Many people will always try and bring you down or detour you from your dream by telling you what you can’t do, but I always look at it different. I [believe] it’s possible, and I will do what it takes to make it happen. I think everyone needs that [belief] that they can definitely do it.

Samantha Abrams


Tell us your background. Where does your story start?

I had a very fortunate childhood in my eyes. It may not be the same sort of “fortunate” most people think of though. I was born in Van Nuys, California in 1991 (youngest of four children). A short few years later we lost our home to a terrible earthquake. My parents being the adventure seeking type, packed all of us kids into a motor home and took us on the trip across the country, in search of somewhere to raise a family. Long story short, we settled in Connecticut, where we have lived ever since.


 Where did you go to school and work before becoming a fighter?

I graduated from Manchester High School. I have attended only a handful of college courses to be honest. I have been very fortunate to land and successfully occupy positions in the fitness industry that many others with college degrees got turned down for. It truly comes down to passion and knowledge.


Were you an athlete growing up, and did you ever dream of becoming a Muay Thai Fighter?

Growing up I was definitely an athlete. I was not into martial arts, but I always kept myself busy. Most of my childhood was spent horseback riding. I used to ride competitively all over the country. At the peak of my young career I received 2 National Top Ten placements in my divisions. As I got older, I began having interest in weight training and fitness as a whole. I can not say that I had dreams of being A Muay Thai Fighter, but I did always see myself involved in fitness in some way shape or form. Muay Thai just so happened to find me.

What inspired you to get in the ring?

Thanks to my boyfriend, I began Muay Thai as a workout, something to change up my routine of lifting weights. I never thought I would end up stepping inside a ring. After a few short months of training I decided I would take a fight. I was continuously inspired by my boyfriend, my trainers, and my team mates. They poured their heart and soul into training and becoming better, and it was contagious!! I knew I had the ability to push myself, the competitive nature to never quit, and the best support system to lean on.


 Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?

For a long time I went through the motions of training, lifting weights, working, sleeping, and doing it all over again. I was doing it all, but I wasn’t motivated.One day I opened my eyes and looked around me. I was surrounded by people who were amazing. I look one direction and see a friend learning how to walk again after a terrible accident. I look another direction and see someone fighting and winning a belt that they worked tirelessly for. Then I saw all the potential in myself, and made the decision to never stop pushing. All my friends that get up in the morning with a great attitude and fight to achieve their goals against all odds, they’re my motivation. Once I made that internal decision, my goals have seemed closer every single day.

When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

“Rule Your Nation.” That phrase brings feelings of pride and inner strength to mind. To rule your own nation is to rule your own life. Any person who rules their own life is someone who can stand tall and strong through the most difficult of times.

Lyte Burly


Where did you grow up and go to school?

[I grew up in ]Far Rockaway Queens. Later I went to Girard college in Philadelphia, but the streets of Queens is where I first [saw] 52 blocks in action.


 Which forms of martial arts have you mastered?

52 Blocks,Tai Chi, Boxing,Hsing I ,Pa-kua, Wing Chun, some [Muay Thai], and [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu].


Tell us about the history of the Art of 52 Blocks. How did it originate?

52 Blocks is [an] art crafted by old school black boxers[ like]Jack Johnson who fought on the [Chitlin’] Circuit. Techniques[were] passed down from fighter to fighter, each maybe adding their own thing, [until] it eventually became a favorite system among street fighters.


What made you decide to focus on the Art of 52?

I was always drawn to 52  Blocks since I was young, but it was my teacher who told me to put a DVD out on 52 Blocks.


What motivates you the most to do what you do?

The pursuit of excellence in the martial arts[motivated me], but now it has changed[into a] responsibility. I now have to further the 52 Blocks movement [and] share the information.


When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?

Master yourself.

Holly McGrath


Tell us your background.
I grew up  in Naugatuck, Connecticut as a life-long athlete.  In high school I played soccer, basketball, softball and track.  Partying and sports were the main attractions in my hometown when I was younger.  I have two older brothers who stand at 6’2” who were tough on me in my athletic development.  I grew up playing with a six foot mentality [while] standing at 5’4”.  Following them around and competing with my brothers made me who I was in terms of heart and hustle as an athlete.
I went on to Assumption College in Worcester, MA to play soccer at a Division II Collegiate level.  We made two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances.  These were the glory days!  I wish I was more aware of the moments I [was] in when I [was] in them.  However, being an athlete in college was the best experience of my life.
As life developed after college, I went into the health and fitness field.  I wasn’t quite up to speed with living a completely healthy life, even though I was[healthy] most of the time.  I was still partying like I was in college.  After a few rough twists and turns I needed to make a change.  Thankfully  [I] mentally, emotionally and spiritually [grew] out of the partying lifestyle in my late [twenties].  This decision to change my life saved my life.  I can thank God for that!
After being in health and fitness for six years, three years ago I was catapulted into the Holistic outlook on life.  I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease and did not want to succumb to the medical world.  I’ve always had a voice in my gut (intuition/God) that has directed me.  As I learned to listen to it, my life changed dramatically in the most positive ways. As a holistic oach, I help people manage the stress in their life (our #1 killer) through fitness, nutrition, energy healing (reiki) and lifestyle coaching, privately and online. My next step is to look into getting a Master’s in Acupuncture or Nutrition to continue to build a self reliant system while helping people get the care their body needs that isn’t offered in conventional medicine.
I’m convinced if I went on half the meds prescribed to me, it would have had a majorly detrimental effect on my life. This is my purpose, to show others the way to healing while I support and guide them along their own journey.
Did you ever dream of being an athlete?
I didn’t have much direction growing up.  In 5th grade, I wanted to become a pro basketball player!  Basketball for girls at that time still wasn’t mainstream until middle school when the UConn Women had Diana [Taurasi].  In college, I changed majors simply to acquire an easier path.  Graduating with lack of direction, I always felt in my core what I didn’t want, but I was never too sure what I did want to do.
What inspired you to become a lifestyle coach?
My own life struggle inspired me; being in pain for years with no one to show me the way out; enduring a lot of life events that have been challenging emotionally, mentally and physically.  [I know] there was a purpose for everything I went through, and that was to help others get through the stressors in their lives.
I lost 6 friends from the ages of 18-22 years old.  Following that, my step-father passed when I was 26 years old.  I was with him through his end stages of lung cancer.  It was somewhere after my 2nd or 3rd friend had passed that I knew there was a greater purpose for my life.  I knew what was happening around me and in my life,[and] that there was something bigger than me.
As time went on, there were plenty of times I had put my life in harm’s way.  By that time I had so many angels surrounding me, and after surviving those years there is no doubt God has a bigger purpose for me, and I believe that purpose is [to] help other[s] heal from their hurts.  It’s to help other[s] break through their mental and emotional blocks.
I’ve been on a 3.5 year journey, and knowing there is a better life on the other side has kept me pushing through the hardest of times.  Change is hard [and] painful, but it’s worth it!
 Is there anything that motivates you the most to get up and pursue your goals?
Deep down within me there is a voice that tells me to keep going against the grain.  A voice that tells me to pave my own way while helping as many people as possible.  That voice motivates me.  The fact that God saved my life countless times and I am still standing today motivates me.  My future family motivates me.  My nieces and nephew motivate me.  The desire to fulfill God’s will and purpose motivates me.
 Do you have any future plans or goals?
If I tell you then…you know the rest.
Joking.  My future plans are to become a self sufficient system for Wellness[ and] a professional and comforting spirit who people in need can come to for coaching, guidance, and tough love to make dramatic impacts in their lives; continuing to build my business and life while documenting the steps[ as well].  I aspire to become an author[ and help] people break barriers in their lives [by] sharing my experiences that will help others grow, learn, and not feel so alone in their journey.
When you think of the phrase “Rule Your Nation,” what comes to mind?
When I think of “Rule Your Nation”, “Master Yourself” comes to my mind.  There are so many outside factors that affect and condition us our whole lives. However, when it comes to making a change and creating the life you desire, mastering self mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally are the areas of your life you need to focus on [ in order to overcome] the things within that set you back.  It is a long process but the more self aware one is, the more you can create your toolbox to success through self mastery (future book)!  Taking this mastery and projecting it into the world, your family, your community, or your life embodies “Rule Your Nation.”

There you have it, folks. Rule Your Nation isn’t reserved for big movie stars or famous, multi-millionaire athletes. Every single person you meet has a story. Every person you meet is fighting a battle, and the fact that they have lived long enough to tell you about it, shows that they’re winning. These people are winning at life, and you can too.  Rule Your Nation, and it will prosper.  Until next time, be blessed and maintain your reign!
Rule well, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

Birthday List: The Things I have Learned to Accept in Life.

Birthday List: The Things I have Learned to Accept in Life.

My birthday passed last week, and with it came some revelations. I’m a real life adult(Yes, seriously), and with age comes wisdom. The biggest part of wisdom is learning to accept certain things about life and yourself. So I have compiled a list of what I have learned to stop fighting and running away from. I hope this list gives you as much as peace as it has given me.


 1.Strong Women(and their abusive counterfeits) are drawn to me.

I am a magnet for strong women who like to have their way.  This is a part of my life that I’m still coming to grips with because frankly, I’ve never been happy about it. As a kid, I felt sorry for myself when girls were mean to me. As a young adult, I learned to stop tolerating disrespect. Apparently my inclination to stand up for myself causes two responses; attraction and respect from strong women, and a personal affront to the world view of emotional bullies who sometimes even resort to physical abuse to keep a man “in his place”.

 Not attractive.

Trust me, I prefer the former. Strong-minded people in general are the most reliable, honest people you’ll ever meet and it stands to reason that a strong woman makes a loyal and honest partner.  So if a strong woman is a bit argumentative at times, but brings a world of other benefits, such as kindness, passion, and honesty, I’ll work with her. Nobody is perfect, and I’m sure I have flaws that she will have to work with too.  That’s how all relationships operate.  If you can’t love someone for who she is, you just can’t love, and I realize that now.  Strong women, flaws and all, are the main inspiration for the main protagonist of “The Nephilim Chronicles,” Achilla Johnson.  Though she is not without vices or mistakes, she generally fights for what’s right and tries her damnedest to protect her family. She, and real-life women like her(albeit less dangerous), are worthy of  love and respect.

However, if you’re a toxic emotional bully/abuser, get lost. I don’t have time for you and will do everything in my power to expel you from my life. You have no idea how serious I am about that, but if tested, I have no problem showing you. Be forewarned. I have a law degree and know how to use it.  However, your intolerable behavior has at least one redeeming quality. You’ve inspired Ailina Harris, the main antagonist of my novel series.  Feel free to read a short story from her point of view.  It’s not flattering.


Ailina Harris is many things. Relationship material isn’t one of them.

So there it is. I’ve accepted that I attract women with strong personalities. If that applies to you in the future, I’m learning to love you for who you are. With that said, I’ll still say no to certain things, but I’ll always call you later. I promise.


2. I’m called to write.  

I’ll never stop writing. Every day new ideas pop in my head so often that I have to write them down or risk losing some really good material. “Achilla The Strong and “Angel of War” aren’t new ideas. They’re the culmination of years of writing short stories and sharing them with my friends before I gathered the courage to display my talent to the world.  Now I have a novel series, and when I finish that, I’ll write another.  I can’t speak for all writers, but writing doesn’t feel like a choice for me. I must write. I can’t go a day without typing, journaling, researching something to write about later, or editing. I plan to get paid for it, but I have a habit of getting lost in it for free(kind of like right now). The only thought that drives me more than publishing my writing is the fact that my writing improves every day.

Achilla The Strong My first published novel. Oh, the memories. 

“Achilla The Strong” was a good effort, but I noticed some areas of improvement and applied them to “Angel of War.” After releasing “Angel of War,” I will find more ways to improve and release the next novel. It is my goal to write a better novel every single time. Writing is what I live and breathe and I am getting better at sharing my life with you as my readers.  


As I grow, so does Achilla Johnson. So far, it’s been an awesome journey.

However, fiction isn’t my only form of writing. I grew up as an avid spoken word poet(Shout out to Poetz Realm in Bridgeport!) learned legal writing well enough to impress seasoned attorneys, and I love writing about sports(see my articles on boxing, MMA, and basketball here and on Elite Daily). I’m a writer through and through. I don’t see it changing, nor do I want it to.  I love what I do and love myself to much to give it up.  


3.  I don’t like all soul food.

I will always and forever hate the smell of chitlins(properly spelled chitterlings, but nobody says that). Sorry, my people.  It just smells nasty, and I can’t get near it. I promise to make it up with loads of fried catfish, macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato pie the next time I have dinner with my family. Honest.

Rehearsal Dinner 2

4. Family and friends are everything.

Speaking of my family, I will always love my family and friends. They never cease to support me when I’m down, praise me when I’m up, and make me laugh. We enjoy each other, and considering some of the families I’ve seen, that is a blessing that I cherish more than anything.  As a kid, I was shielded from a lot of drama, and at one point I resented that. I resented that I grew up not knowing some of the things I know now, but the more I learn, the more I appreciate how much my parents protected me.

GrandpaLarge Pic1

My loving, protective family. 

I can’t think of a single event in my life that happened when I wasn’t ready to either conquer it or handle its consequences.  I would like to take credit for that, but that would be disingenuous. My family filled me with their wisdom and continue to do so. No matter how educated I become, no matter how many degrees I earn, there is nothing I’ve seen in human behavior that they haven’t. As a result of their intentional teaching and unintentional example, I always feel like I have a leg up on the world; even when my situation isn’t the greatest. My family is awesome. Call it bragging because it is, and there is no shame in that.

5. Your dreams are worth fighting for.

You have to be willing to fight for your dream.  This blog’s motto, “Rule Your Nation,” is based on the tenacity we should all have to push for the life we want. Everyone has a dream, but not everyone believes in it enough to hold on to it. Instead, we let dream killers take them away, and that is an unfortunate tragedy. I’ve dealt with my fair share of dream killers, and they can be a challenge until you learn how to beat them.

If you don’t hit back, dream killers won’t rest until they beat the confidence and ambition out of you.

A dream killer is anyone who seeks to destroy your aspirations, and he or she will do that for a multitude of reasons. Your dream killer could be a family member who wants you to pursue a career that you hate; so much so that he will cut you off if you make decisions for yourself. Your dream killer could be a fake friend who is jealous of your success and makes it his personal business to knock you down to his level of misery. Your dream killer could be a partner who is more concerned about what you can do for her instead of how you can support each other.  Dream killers come in many shapes and sizes, but they all take their job seriously. They will murder your aspirations if they can, along with anyone else’s. Fortunately, I have a solution.

You don’t have to be nice to people who attack you. So why compromise with those who attack your dreams?

Dig in your heels and don’t budge. Pursue your dream no matter what, and if anyone doesn’t respect that, stop giving them a place in your life. You see, dream killers are never comfortable around people who believe in themselves.  So they make it a point to kill your confidence and extinguish your goals so they can feel better around you. Make sure you’re more serious about your dream than they are about their comfort level.  Let them know that you won’t go down without a fight, and then make sure the fight you bring isn’t worth appeasing their insecurities.  After that, watch them scatter. It’s kind of fun proving haters wrong once you get used to it, and at the end of the day your supporters will be there waiting after the battle is over.

Naruto is one of the best characters ever because dream killers couldn’t beat him. So they joined him instead.


6.  You are who you are and you might as well love it.

 If you couldn’t tell already, I have learned to accept myself for who I am. When I created this blog with the title “No Apologies,” I wanted to inspire people to be cool with themselves.  However, I’m not exempt from growth. For example, I grew up hating my body.  I got teased a lot for being skinny, and as a sensitive kid, I took it pretty hard. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t put on weight and it was a source of frustration for me. In hindsight, I should have been happy with the fact that I was getting stronger every day, but my young mind couldn’t see that yet.

Gym selfies generally aren’t my thing, but a point must be made.

Now that I’ve learned to come to accept myself for who I am, I love my body enough to treat it well. I eat healthy. I work out four days a week( on two of those days I work out twice), but I don’t do it to get bulky. I work out and eat clean to create the healthiest body that is natural for me.  As a result, I’ve gotten pretty muscular without gaining a tremendous amount of mass and I’m getting better every day. I hope my story is an inspiration enough for you to accept who you are.  That’s the original purpose and mission of this blog, and I’m sticking to it with no apologies.

My birthday was a blessing this year. I hope it was a blessing for you as well.

Keep learning, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

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