Cruelty: A Villain’s Main Ingredient.


Warning: It’s just a cartoon, but this clip might be hard to watch for some.


It is a trait that all villains share. It is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the desire to cause others to suffer. People can be cruel for many reasons. Perhaps they were mistreated and are seeking revenge. Maybe they learned that cruelty is the only way to survive and that you must eat or be eaten. Still, some people are just cruel because they take pleasure in other people’s pain and only feel alive when they hurt those around them.

This clip makes it clear that Frieza falls in third category and few villains can match his antisocial tendencies and flair for the horrific. He’s so terrible that he can actually make you feel sorry for characters like Vegeta( first and second category) who have become ruthless savages just to survive under Frieza’s reign. During the entire DBZ series, we’re never given a reason why Frieza is so evil. He just is, and considering the destruction he caused, the reasons were irrelevant. He had to be stopped, and that was it.

Achilla Johnson will encounter all three categories of villain in Angel of War. How will she defeat them, and will she be able to do so while maintaining the integrity that the Johnsons instilled in her? Will she be forced to become as cruel as her enemies, or will she defeat them while staying true to the principles she holds dear?

You’ll have to read ‪#‎AngelofWar‬ to find out.

Release date coming soon! Get ready!

No Apologies,

G. Miller

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