Ailina Harris: The embodiment of abuse.

  As you’ve read in ‪Achilla The Strong(and if you haven’t, click here), Ailina Harris‬ is abusive to everyone around her, but she always manages to walk away without suffering any consequences until ‪Achilla Johnson stands up to her. This clip will give you an idea of why that happens.   People responded properly the first…

Kobe Bryant’s Summer League Basketball.

Keep in mind one thing when you watch this clip. He just graduated high school.  He just danced at his senior prom a few weeks prior. I highly doubt anyone who attended this game is surprised at how his career turned out.  This level of play at this age is just flat out amazing.

Great TED Talk on Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking will be another major theme of ‪ Angel of War, and this TED talk does a really good job of describing it. Give it a look!

True Strength: How will Achilla Johnson discover hers?

  How hard will Achilla hit in Angel of War? It all depends on how strong she will become. Strength is a relative term. Some people equate strength with how much weight you can lift. Others, how many push-ups you can perform. Still others, how hard you can punch or how far you can throw….

Wise Words from 50 Cent.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Never stop following your dreams. Pursue your passions, my friends. No Apologies, G. Miller

The Pain of Loss: Will Achilla become a hero or a vigilante?

Did the pain of loss transform Trunks or awaken his true self? As you’ve already seen in Achilla The Strong(and if you haven’t, click here), Achilla Johnson doesn’t grow up in a nurturing home. The love and affection that should come freely from a parent are only earned through blood, sweat, and tears during her…

Introducing Bridgeport, Connecticut!

For those of you have not met Achilla Johnson yet, and need to as soon as possible, Achilla is born and raised in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her mother, Ailina Harris, is a Bridgeport police officer, and her father, Brendan Johnson, grew up in Father Panik Village.  As someone who grew up in Connecticut(Stratford/Naugatuck),…