Ailina Harris: The embodiment of abuse.



As you’ve read in Achilla The Strong(and if you haven’t, click here), Ailina Harris is abusive to everyone around her, but she always manages to walk away without suffering any consequences until Achilla Johnson stands up to her. This clip will give you an idea of why that happens.


People responded properly the first time. What happened the second time?

I’ve witnessed men verbally/physically abusing women and even rushed out of my apartment to aid a woman was in danger of abuse. Usually, someone stepped in before I got there (as they should) and offered the woman supportwith a quick response time. As an RA in college and a bouncer in Chicago, I’ve also had to break up couples where the woman was the aggressor. When other people got involved, they said she was “drunk and emotional” or told me and my coworker to “Mind our own business.” I’ve even had women strike me, or threaten to do so, with no provocation. Anyone who saw this happen just laughed. I subsequently swore to never pursue a relationship with those women, or anyone like them, again. Instead, I did the research, learned some of the signs and created Ailina Harris; the epitome of toxicity as a parent and partner. You’ll see more of her destructive behavior in Angel of War. Be warned, it isn’t pretty.  Abuse never is.



Abuse is about control, and when someone seeks to control you, they’ll use any means to obtain it. Complete and utter domination is the abuser’s goal and he/she will stop at nothing until you totally subjugate yourself or he/she realizes you’re not worth the hassle and searches for a new victim. That’s not a personality trait that is reserved for one gender, and there are many signs of an abusive personality. Though no one is psychic or flawless at reading people, there is research out there to help you know when to walk away before it’s too late. Ladies and gentlemen, protect yourselves at all times. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment.

Stop the abuse.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

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