Angel of War will release on September 12, 2015!!


Achilla Johnson is now a CIA Agent. After four years of training and busy work, she finally gets her first real assignment. She must spy on Roberto “Blue Eyes” Gabrielli; a corrupt defense attorney with strong ties to New Haven’s political and criminal element. Achilla must infiltrate Blue Eyes’ law firm and gather enough intel to connect him to an international crime syndicate led by the infamous but elusive Xerxes. To make matters more complicated, Ailina Harris reappears after years of hiding and offers a truce. In exchange, Achilla must help find her grandfather Ares for reasons that remain unclear.

Achilla’s mind is pushed to the limit as she investigates Blue Eyes and deciphers Ailina’s motives. She also fights an inner war as her increased strength and new-found abilities come with unanticipated side effects. Achilla’s world grows more dangerous by the day until she is forced to decide what she must become in order to protect her family. Her next step will change everyone’s lives forever.

Achilla wouldn’t have it any other way.

Angel of War is the second novel of the Nephilim Chronicles Series written by G.Miller. It is a story of a woman’s will to protect her family against all odds and by any means necessary.


“Angel of War” will release on September 12, 2015!

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I put my foot into this one guys. Pre-order now. Enjoy it later!

Win the war, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

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