Angel of War: The Sample.

Achilla Johnson 2

Good day, my friends.  I hope you enjoyed the “Nephilim Mini Series.” If you haven’t had a chance to read it, here is a link to the first post. Now that the mini series is done, it’s time for a sample of “Angel of War.”   In this scene, Achilla has her first encounter with Roberto “Blue Eyes” Gabrielli; a corrupt attorney who is entrenched in New Haven’s political and criminal environment. Achilla is disguised as a real estate agent looking to close a sale, and they have quite the conflict of interest.

Don’t worry about spoilers. This is only the beginning of Achilla’s saga as a CIA agent. Enjoy!


Blue Eyes stared at her with intensity that made the whole room disappear.  Achilla stared back.  She was used to eyes like his; eyes that paralyze the weak and make them submit.  She refused to back down.  Blue Eyes maintained his stare as he stood up from his desk.  He then walked past her and closed the blinds to the glass window to his office.  The hairs on the back of Achilla’s neck stood on end as she heard him walking behind her.  She ran her hand against her thigh until she felt the pistol hidden under her skirt.  She might have to kill him sooner than she thought, but this was not the place for it.  They were on the far end of a hallway full of witnesses, and Achilla would have to evade twelve floors of security.  For Achilla to escape without getting caught, she would have to wipe out the entire office before they called the cops.  Not only was the likelihood of success for such an act without exposing herself as a nephilim very low, but it was also the last thing that she wanted to do to innocent people. Achilla heard Blue Eyes’ breathing as he stood behind her and she stiffened as he spoke.

“You know, Berger said you were new in town,” Blue Eyes said. “Looking to get your feet wet.  Well around here, this is how we do things.  If you want any business in this city, you have to be a team player.”

“I don’t believe we’re on the same team,” Achilla replied. “I work for Mr. Berger, not you, and you’re not going to pressure me into doing anything unethical.  I didn’t leave L.A. to deal with more of this.”

“Oh, you’re on my team all right,” Blue Eyes said.

Achilla gasped when she felt his crotch against the back of her head.  She bit her lip as her face burned and tears filled her eyes.  She had to maintain her cover.  She couldn’t punch him in the neck, or grab his throat, or snap his arm, or crack his sternum, or break his legs, or any of the multitude of things she could do to him right now without batting an eye.  She had to be a frightened, green, real estate agent for the sake of gathering intel.  She had to maintain-

“You know the real reason he sent you over here?” Blue Eyes continued. “He could’ve called me himself.  You’re part of the deal too.”

“What do you mean?” Achilla asked knowing full well what the answer was.

“It means I could have my way with you right now,” Blue Eyes said. “And there’s nothing you can do about it; not if you want to make it big.”

Blue Eyes pushed his crotch harder into the back of Achilla’s head before he stroked her hair. Achilla pinched her thigh and clinched her eyes shut. He had the nerve to sexually harass her and pet her like a dog at the same time?  Achilla clenched her fists as she fought the urge to crotch-punch him hard enough to slam his underwhelming manhood into his rib cage.  She had to maintain her cover.  How would Terri Blake react? She would react the same way any honest, hardworking, professional woman would. Achilla rose from her seat and stepped back.

“I am a professional, Mr. Gabrielli,” Achilla hissed as she wiped her eyes. “I want to get ahead by my work only!”

“Look, baby, if you want to cross the bridge,” Blue Eyes said as he stepped closer. “You’ll have to pay the toll.  I know every millionaire in New Haven.  I can bring you business, but you’ve got to be willing to give me something too. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

“No thanks,” Achilla snapped as she walked past him toward the door. She had to find another way to get close to him because there was no way she was having sex with this pig. As soon as she left the building, she was going to call Agent Jones and think of a new strategy. Perhaps there was a way to sneak into the building and steal the records. Maybe she could get the keys from the cleaning crew. Something, anything, was better than even the notion of sleeping with Blue Eyes.

Just before Achilla reached the door, Blue Eyes grabbed her arm. His grip was tight; too tight for any man to grab a woman. It was also too tight for Achilla to hold off her temper any longer. She whirled around and pounded his temple with a left hook before kneeing his groin, lifting him by his shirt, and slamming him to the floor; making sure to go just easy enough to keep him conscious.  She then pulled him up by his shirt and pinned him against his desk with a crash that sent all of his paperwork flying.  Blue Eyes raised his hands in submission as Achilla glared at him.

“I could have my way with you right now,” Achilla snarled. “And there’s nothing you can do about it; not if you want to live.  So I will.”


“Keep your hands where I can see them the entire time I talk,” Achilla said. “I don’t want you pressing any silent alarms in here like a dumb-ass, and judging by your grades at Connecticut College and Yale, you’re not a dumb-ass, right, Roberto; or should I say Blue Eyes?”

“How the hell do you know that name?” asked Blue Eyes as he kept his hands up.

“Never mind that,” Achilla said as she grabbed his neck with one hand and pulled the computer monitor forward with the other. “You will give me the names of all of your clients over the past twelve years.”

“It’s all on a flash drive at Patricia’s desk,” gurgled Blue Eyes.

“Patricia?” Achilla asked with a frown. “Who’s that?”

“The receptionist up front,” Blue Eyes said. “She’s my niece.”

“That explains why she has no class,” Achilla replied. “Clearly it runs in the family. Maybe I should go out there and deal with her too.”

“No, relax,” Blue Eyes said. “That’s my wife’s family, all right, and I can get divorced on my own without your help. Look, you got me, now what do you want?”

“After listening to you beat Esther,” Achilla growled. “What I really want is to shove my foot very far up your ass!”

“I would consider it a great favor if you didn’t,” Blue Eyes stammered. “Come on, look, I can give you my contacts, ok? How can I get them to you?”

“Call Patricia and tell her to leave the flash drive on her desk so that you can pick it up,” Achilla said. “Then tell her to go to lunch.  If you don’t…”

Achilla pulled her Glock .22 out from her under her skirt and pushed it against his Adam’s apple.

“Do it,” Achilla said as she let go of his neck and let Blue Eyes pick up the phone. “Make it quick.”

“Trish,” Blue Eyes said. “Yeah, could you leave my flash drive on your desk?  And go pick me up some pizzas would you?  I’ve got some clients coming in.  Thanks.”

“Good,” Achilla said as he hung up the phone. “And for the record, if I find anything missing on that flash drive, I’m coming back.”

“You’re no real estate agent,” Blue Eyes replied with wide eyes. “You’re…No, you’re a Fed.  You just violated the Fourth Amendment with an illegal search and seizure.”

“I tell you what,” Achilla said as she grabbed Blue Eyes’ throat again and waved her pistol in front of his eyes like a loaded metronome. “How about you keep quiet about this, and I’ll keep quiet about those girls you have over whenever your wife’s away.”

“She already knows,” Blue Eyes replied.

“How about your daughters?” Achilla asked. “Maybe they’d like to know that someone else’s been calling you Daddy.”

“You…wouldn’t,” Blue Eyes grunted as sweat glistened on his forehead before a grin crept onto his lips. “You wouldn’t tell…three little girls that. Would you? No, you don’t have it in you. No, you’re too straight-laced for that, I can tell. If you were that cold, you’d’ve took the money. ”

“Maybe I won’t tell all three,” Achilla said with a sneer. “Maybe I’ll just tell Esther how dark your girlfriends are. Oh, she’ll just love that. She might even run back to her ex-boyfriend in the Tre to celebrate.”

“No!” Blue Eyes growled as his face swelled and reddened.

“Just keep quiet, and we won’t have to worry about it,” Achilla replied. “I’m going to leave now.  If you follow me, or have me followed, I will notice.  I will kill whoever’s trailing me, and then I will come back for you.”

Achilla lifted Blue Eyes off of the desk and carried him overhead before choke-slamming him into the pile of papers on the floor.  She then shoved her gun back under her skirt before turning toward the door.  When she heard him rise to his feet, she looked over her shoulder.  Blue Eyes stared at her with cold intensity as his face maintained its brick red complexion.  Achilla smirked and shrugged her shoulders as she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes approaching the office; the same shoes that Patricia wore up front. This time, she would listen to Agent Jones’ advice and focus on the escape. Achilla mussed up her hair and loosened her blouse.

“Clean yourself up,” Achilla hissed at Blue Eyes before she opened the door.  Patricia stood in the doorway with a pen and pad and walked past her.

“Uncle Rob, you didn’t say what kind of pizza-”

Patricia looked at Blue Eyes then back at Achilla.  Achilla smirked as she readjusted her skirt and fanned her neck.  She then patted her hair down until it was somewhat presentable and buttoned her blouse.  Patricia lowered her head and gripped the notepad in her hand. When Blue Eyes stood up and walked toward her, she turned her back on him.

“Your uncle’s quite the negotiator,” Achilla said with a grin as she fanned her neck before waving at Blue Eyes with her fingertips. “Bye, Roberto.”

Patricia stared at Achilla with her mouth open as her cheeks and eyes turned crimson.  Achilla smirked at her before she sauntered down the hallway to the reception desk.  A black flash drive sat on top of the desk, and she snatched it up before walking out the front door.  Once Achilla gave this flash drive to Agent Jones, they could determine how many clients were involved with the sex trafficking ring.  From there, they could decide who to hit next.  Achilla sighed as she walked out the front door and pressed the button for the elevator.

“God, that felt amazing,” Achilla said to herself as the elevator doors opened to the first floor. She walked back out to New Haven Green and into a store across the street where she bought a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt that said “CT: We go Hard” over a map of the state, and a pair of black and purple sneakers. Finally, she could wear the clothes she actually enjoyed on a Monday afternoon. She changed in the back of the store and grabbed a blackout fitted cap to cover her face.  She then crossed the street and lowered the brim of her cap over her eyes as she leaned against a tree at the edge of the green to watch the festivities. An Earth Wind and Fire Concert rang throughout the park, and she nodded her head to the band.

Achilla sent a text to Agent Jones’ phone that read “Closed Escrow.”  She lowered her head when she heard police cars drive by toward the law firm.  If anyone asked, she was no longer Terri Blake from Los Angeles.  She was Kerry Daniels from New Haven.  Achilla grinned and shook with laughter when she saw Blue Eyes marching down the street with three New Haven police officers.  When Blue Eyes passed by without even noticing her, she giggled to herself and watched the festival.  She would renege on her promise to kill him.  At this point, it served no purpose.  However, there was one visit Achilla needed to make.  She closed her eyes, focused her hearing, and smelled the air for the scent of Blue Eyes’ cologne mixed with perspiration. No dice. By now he must have been far enough away for her to move without him finding her.  She strolled out of the park and found her black sedan before driving back to Westville.

She stopped at the corner of Berger’s street when she saw the scene. Five police cars surrounded his home, and there was yellow tape everywhere. She had intended on paying Berger a visit as a hysterical Terri Blake declaring her resignation as his real estate agent, but as she focused her ears on the conversation between two New Haven police detectives wearing white shirts black ties in front of her, she decided to keep her distance.

“Clear suicide,” the bald, tan-skinned detective wearing a black tie said. “Bastard slit his own wrists. I guess all the press got to him.”

“Press?” the heavyset blonde detective wearing a blue tie snorted. “Did you see his house? He had kiddy porn all over the place. This guy had a guilty conscience. Look, he even left a note.”

“What’s it say?”

“Eh,” the heavyset blonde muttered before he read. “‘Tell Ms. Blake I’m sorry. There’s a special place in hell for me.’ Who the hell’s Ms. Blake?”

“That’s what we’ll find out next,” the tan detective said. “Though, I agree with the special place in hell line. Man, I hate child abusers.”

“Well, we won’t have to worry about that anymore,” the blond detective quipped. “If you ask me, he just made my job easy. I wish all these sick bastards would do this.”

“Oh, Jesus, Riley! Keep saying that and internal affairs’ll be breathing down your neck!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Achilla turned the car around and drove the opposite way. Now she understood what Berger meant about hating the human race. He was including himself. Her anger at him died down to a wave of pity that she forced out of her head. No. She had no pity for a man who set her up, no matter what kind of letters he wrote for her.  She forced out any empathy for Berger as she watched the roads for state police and drove the speed limit so as not to draw attention to herself. When she arrived in Hartford, she abandoned her car, leaving it to be returned by another agent.  She then strolled down the street to the parking garage where she knew Agent Jones was waiting and tossed the flash drive between her hands as she whistled the sweet tunes of “September” and grinned at the night sky.

Mission accomplished.


So what happens next? Does Blue Eyes ever find Achilla? Is her mission truly accomplished, and has she finally had a successful mission as a CIA Agent? These questions and more will be answered in “Angel of War.” Make sure to pre-order your e-book here, or wait until the release on September 12th! I will tell you this. The story gets more intense from here.

Happy reading, my friends.

No Apologies,



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