Achilla Strong: Planning Achilla Johnson’s Workout Routine.

Achilla the Strong Cover Photo

Achilla Johnson is sixteen in this picture. She also caused that crack in the ground.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Achilla Johnson is really strong. In “Achilla The Strong,” you’ve read about her fighting off multiple men, punching through concrete, and surviving after getting catapulted through a tree.  She’s no joke in a fight because she is skilled in multiple martial arts, but it’s her raw strength that shocks her opponents the most. Her kicks send them flying. Her punches break bones like twigs. Even her grip leaves bruises. Achilla is so powerful that even as a sixteen-year-old girl, grown men ran away from her. So when I created this character, and developed her further for a sequel, I had to answer one question.


When Ailina and Achilla fight, the ground shakes.

How does a super strong freak of nature stay in shape? Achilla Johnson is superior to the even the best professional athlete, but she is still(technically) human. Her physiology isn’t far off from mine or yours. So she should rely on the same training methods that the world’s strongest people rely on. Granted. Next question.

Whose training do I emulate? As awesome as it would be to use some of my favorite anime characters, there is one problem. They are predominantly male. As a guy, I see no problem with men being strong, but it’s obviously ideal to draw inspiration from female athletes to train Achilla Johnson. So I scoured the internet and found fitness models, bikini, figure, and physique competitors, martial artists, and basketball players.  I also found some calisthenics queens who use their own bodies as their work-out tools.

Shout-out to Baristi Workout for the awesome videos!

As I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with lifting weights. I lift weights and encourage others to do the same. However, Achilla Johnson will spend the rest of her life learning about the secrets of her body and the limits of her strength. What better way to display that than by basing her physical fitness on athletes who master their bodies more each day without the aid of anything else? You will see a lot of calisthenics in “Angel of War” and beyond as Achilla lives her life exploring her own abilities. They are as fun to write about as they are to watch.

Achilla Johnson will do this and more. 

Kudos to these Wonder Women for doing what you do. You inspire me more every day. I hope Achilla Johnson honors your hard work. It is my goal to pleasantly surprise you. Until then, best of luck and keep grinding.

Train hard, my friends.

No Apologies,

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