The Warrior Spirit: Does Achilla Johnson possess a Warrior’s Mind?

Son Goku possessed the Warrior Spirit in spades. (credit: haloandavatar)

The Warrior Spirit is a trait possessed by few. Most of us have no clue how to obtain it, and a far greater majority don’t know how to maintain its intensity. It is the will to fight for what you want. It’s the refusal to accept your circumstances no matter how final they appear. Warriors don’t accept quitting as an option, and no matter how much it hurts to persevere, still they push forward. A Warrior won’t stop until he succeeds. A Warrior won’t rest until her job is finished. A true Warrior doesn’t understand what it means to quit when the going gets tough, and she has no interest in learning. Such a zest for life and a zeal to win draws the admiration of the Warrior’s peers.  It also draws hatred from his enemies.

If you think Son Gohan would lie down and watch his friend die, you have another think coming.(credit: haloandavator)

Warriors are seldom born this way. Nor do they wake up in the morning and decide to fight everyone with reckless abandon. Every Warrior you meet is a Warrior for a specific reason.  A study of the greatest fictional Warriors shows that they all need a conflict for their Warrior Spirit to reveal itself.  That conflict must come in two forms.

Yep. That’s a pretty strong catalyst.(credit: haloandavatar)

1.The Catalyst

The Warrior needs a catalyst.  Something has to snap. A line must be crossed. A heart must break. A loved one must die. An unforgiveable wrong must occur.  The Warrior Spirit is a fire in your soul, and it needs a spark before it lights.  Behind every Warrior  is a trail of pain, and she is stronger because of it.

Few moments feel better than surprising a hater with your success.( credit: haloandavatar)

The Cause

The Warrior needs a cause.  Without a goal, the Warrior’s rage amounts to nothing but misdirected aggression.  There must be an enemy he has to defeat and a new plateau to climb. The great thing about the Warrior’s cause is that it is often a goal that nobody else believes he can achieve. Only the Warrior knows he can win, and he has the confidence to own the victory long before it happens.  It is that supercharged self-esteem that fuels the Warrior Spirit whenever circumstances tell the Warrior that his cause is a waste of time. Fortunately, the Warrior only listens to his inner voice that tells him that it would be a greater travesty to quit than to die trying. The catalyst may spark the Warrior Spirit into a flame, but it is the cause that fans it.


   “I won’t let you hurt my brother. I won’t! One of us will die first!” -Achilla Johnson, Angel of War. 

Does Achilla Johnson possess the Warrior Spirit? Does she need a catalyst? Does she have a cause that will fan her Warrior Spirit into a raging inferno? If so, what are they? What line will be crossed in “Angel of War?” What goal will Achilla chase without rest until she rises victorious? You’ll have to wait and see, but know this. Achilla is the last Warrior you want to face in battle.  It’s best to stand out of her way and admire her determination.

Stay Warriors, my friends.

No Apologies,

G. Miller

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