Achilla Johnson will be a different woman in Book Three.


Achilla Johnson will sport a new look in the third installment of the Nephilim Chronicles, but that will not be her only change.  I know you want some spoilers, and you’re not getting the title or cover just yet, but I will discuss one aspect of Johnson’s character development.  Her mastery of hand-to-hand combat will only improve, along with her athletic feats.

In Achilla The Strong,  Johnson mastered six martial arts by her 16th birthday. In Angel of War, she added a few more. In Book Three, she will hit her peak, and it won’t be pretty for her opponents.  Though she can adapt to any situation, she prefers striking, and Western Boxing is her strength.  So for her development, I studied some of the best boxers in recent history along with some oldies.

Like Andre Ward, Johnson is a student of fighting.

Johnson will face situations that you can’t prepare for with formal training alone. She will encounter enemies for whom no one has a blue print. So she will be the architect and the builder of her own plan of attack, and she will often have to think on the fly.  Fortunately, she will have some principles to fall back on.

Johnson will understand all of this and then some.

When Johnson faces an opponent with immeasurable strength who has never been challenged, let alone beaten, she will be called to take him down. In that moment  her strength, intelligence, and determination will be tested.  It’s moments like these that make heroes truly great despite their flaws(of which she has quite a few) and elevates them above everyone else.

George Foreman looked pretty unbeatable until he faced Ali. 

Johnson is no different. She will rise to the challenge yet again.  Whether she wins remains to be seen.  There are no guarantees in the dangerous life she lives, and she’s not impenetrable, but she’s built for it.

Ali looked unbeatable too. He wasn’t.

Johnson will undergo changes and improve, but will it be enough? Will she meet her match in Angel of War? What will happen in Book Three? You’ll have to read to find out. Wait around to see if she’ll be alive long enough for a Book Four.


In the meantime, she could look a lot worse considering the circumstances. Warriors make the impossible look easy, and that’s exactly how Johnson rolls.

Change is coming, my friends.

No Apologies,


Credit for all videos goes to the Fight City. Click here for their website.


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