Growth through Dialogue: Achilla Johnson’s mental progression.

So after releasing the third novel of the Nephilim Chronicles I want to share one of my favorite parts of writing, and that is letting your characters grow through dialogue.
Achilla Johnson starts this series at 11 years old, and by Strike of the Mantis, she’s in her mid-twenties. Obviously her body matures, but so does her mind, and there’s no better way to show that than observing how she expresses herself.
The following are examples of dialogue from all five books in the series(yes, I’ve written that far) that show how Achilla grows as a person while still maintaining her fierce independence and sharp wit(spoiler alert):

Achilla The Strong Cover

Achilla The Strong(14 years old):

“Well, I do like boys,” Achilla replied before looking up at Sam. “How do you get married? Do I just ask him if he wants to get married?”
“No, honey,” Sam chuckled. “The man’s supposed to do that.”
“Why?” Achilla asked. “What if I want to have sex?”
Angel of War(20 years old):
“Anchor punch,” Achilla replied. “Muhammad Ali.”
“Ah, of course,” Ailina sighed. “You would take pointers from that babbling fool, as if he’s ever fought a real opponent.”
“It worked on you,” Achilla quipped.
Strike of the Mantis(27 years old):
(Xerxes): “…I’m looking for a woman I can commit to. Are you her?”
“I don’t know,” Achilla said. “Isn’t that a question you should be able to answer?”
Book 4(thirties):
“Achilla, how do you feel about your brother’s house getting bombed?” asked the reporter.
“I feel like you could’ve asked a smarter question,” Achilla said.
This picture isn’t from book 4 or 5, but it shows her change from a young girl to a woman.
Book 5(forties):
“Ah, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Xerxes said.
“Whoever invented that phrase never had an orgasm,” Achilla replied.

Sure, she matures, but she’ll always be Achilla. Enjoy the ride now, folks. We’ve got two more books to go.  Purchase your copy of the recent installment here.

Keep growing, my friends.

No apologies,

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