Police shootings: six irrelevant arguments.

In light of the string of police shootings I’ve seen all over social media and the news, this needs to be said.

Folks, stop wandering down rabbit holes and focus on the facts that determine if the police were justified in shooting someone or not. If they were justified, then that’s it. If they weren’t, they should be held accountable according to the law like anyone else. With that said, the following arguments are irrelevant:

1. “Well he was (insert crime).“: Unless he was a physical danger to the police and to others, and the police were within their rights to shoot by law and police policy, the crime doesn’t justify the shooting.

2. “Well he’s a (insert criminal record).”: This point is even worse than the first. You can’t justify a shooting today based on a conviction years, months, weeks,even days ago. That’s not how the law works and it equates to putting someone on death row after they’ve already served their time, only faster and with no way to appeal.

3. “Stop feeling sorry for criminals! They’re not victims!”: Maybe you should get over your bias and actually listen to why people are upset. If the shooting wasn’t justified, then the person who got shot was a victim of the shooting. Your moral indignation does not change that.

4. “It’s their own fault!”: If the shooter broke the law, he’s at fault, not the person he shot. You can’t hold one party accountable and not the other. Well you could, but then you would be a hypocrite.

5. “How come you only protest when police do it?”: Get off your lazy ass and do some research before expecting an answer to that question.You’ll find the answer in five minutes on Google. The moment you make that argument you have disqualified yourself from the discussion until you’ve actually made an effort to learn something.

6. “Well what about when people kill cops?”: That is also illegal and morally repugnant. Now do you mind focusing on the subject at hand or do you prefer deflection over intelligent discussion?

I won’t even address the flat out racist comments I’ve seen. People, nothing gets solved if we talk about things that have little to no bearing on the problem. Yes, you should be held accountable if you commit a crime, but that standard should apply to everyone, not just the people you don’t like. Let’s talk on a higher level.

Let’s grow, my friends.
No apologies,
G. Miller

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