Cover reveal for Book Four-Introducing Words of the Serpent



Words of the Serpent is set for release on December 11th! Pre-order your copy now and see below for details.

Achilla Johnson’s nephew has been kidnapped. Artemis swore revenge for Ares’ death and hid Apollo in a secret location. Achilla must find her nephew if she hopes to keep him and Samuel alive. When the police ignore her requests for help and reporters expose her deadly past, Achilla realizes Artemis is not working alone. Someone else is in charge, and that person knows Achilla a little too well. On top of that, Esther Gabrielli, Blue Eyes’ daughter, returns, and her intentions with the Johnsons are unclear.

Ares left behind an unknown number of children who follow Artemis’ bidding, and Achilla can’t fight them alone. This time, Achilla will need some saving from someone with a little faith in her and a lot of fighting power.

Words of the Serpent is the fourth novel of the Nephilim Chronicles Series written by G. Miller. It is a story of a family’s tenacity in the face of adversity.

You can pre-order at the following link. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

Keep reading, my friends.

No apologies,

G. Miller


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