The Johnson Twins-What does the future hold for Achilla’s students?

“I trained Apollo. I’ve watched him bleed, and I don’t smell his blood on you.” -Achilla Johnson.

Achilla Johnson spent most of the Nephilim Chronicles series working alone, or begrudgingly with a partner when she had a common enemy with someone else.  Now that she’s ushered Apollo and Athena Johnson under her wing, what has she taught them, and how will they work together to defeat Artemis? Well obviously, telling you that would spoil the story, but we can start with describing the characters and their relationship.  Achilla  for the first time will play the role of protector and teacher, and Artemis will provide a good test for her as a warrior and guardian. Like any other parent figure, Achilla will must learn on the fly while teaching what she does know to the younger generation. It won’t come as naturally to her as CIA work, but if you’re a parent, that’s not a spoiler.

You’d better leave my father alone, or you’d better kill me.” -Apollo Johnson.

As you could tell from the ending of Strike of the Mantis, Apollo Johnson has a take-charge personality and the toughness to back it up. He handles Artemis’ crew pretty well before Artemis gains the upper hand and kidnaps him. Before that he showed great promise while sparring with Achilla. He’s not without a weakness though. He gave himself up the moment he heard Artemis threaten his father. Like a typical Johnson, he’ll do anything for family. So what will he do about Artemis?

“You don’t get it. Before you came along, I was the one taking care of him. I had to feed him and tuck him in at night.  I want to get Apollo back, and I want to be the one to see it happen.” – Athena Johnson.

If her sparring with Achilla proves anything, Athena is the more skilled sibling, but she’s considerably less powerful than Apollo. Still, it’s worth noting that Achilla had a harder time with Athena, who only used herself as a distraction to set up for Apollo’s attack.  Had Athena been home when Artemis attacked, that whole scenario would’ve turned out different. Perhaps there was a reason they waited(Foreshadowing. Hard.) The teamwork Athena and Apollo displayed against Achilla could’ve really come in handy against Artemis in that altercation. It will be pivotal later.

Don’t just listen to me though. Pre-order your copy today, and read on December 11th. The fruit of Achilla’s labor awaits.

Read well, my friends.

No apologies,

G. Miller


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